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The relevance of Demand Generation as a function within technology companies could not be more acute than it is today. Traditionally Sales and Marketing functions have worked in a fairly disjointed manner, with Sales blaming Marketing for poor quality leads and Marketing blaming Sales for not being able to convert leads that come their way. The technology buying process has also undergone a fundamental change over the years. Buyers today have free access to information about the products and services they are looking at consuming from multiple free sources which include blogs, social media channels and websites. Some of the common challenges Sales & Marketing teams face while executing their Demand Generation strategy includes Planning and executing multiple campaigns while maintaining 100% alignment with the sales organizations Non availability of trained and skilled Demand Generation workforce Reducing the total cost of new customer acquisition Leverage technology & web 2.0 tools such as Virtual meetings, events, Marketing Automation tools and emerging media channels (Social Media, Search, Mobile, etc)

Creating mind share amongst the prospect universe through Thought Leadership Content Traditionally, the entire Demand Generation function has been viewed as an activity best executed internally and third party service providers have been leveraged only for certain components within the Demand Generation cycle. The "Outsourced Demand Generation" space also has been fairly immature with service providers not willing to stick their necks out and offer solutions focussed on impact rather than effort. This situation is fast changing, with specialist vendors springing up across the Demand Generation value chain.

Right from service providers offering standalone services such as sales intelligence, lead generation, digital marketing to players that offer end to end solutions, this space is maturing by the day. Going forward, the challenge for Sales & Marketing teams of technology companies will be to embrace the new technologies and web 2.0 tools that have emerged while maintaining complete alignment between each other. The ability to leverage specialist vendors to compliment in-house efforts rather than fire fight drying up pipelines will determine their success at driving demand. While it is important to focus on the pipeline and top line that the Demand Generation function ends up driving, the focus on the Demand Generation process will gain criticality.