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A lead generation company is a business that provides businesses with prospective customercontact information based on certain criteria. Many businesses hire lead generation companies toprovide them with mailing lists--either postal or email--that contain prospective customers for its products or services. Providing lead lists to businesses can be a lucrative business because many businesses outsource the lead generation process to a third party to save time.

A Niche

Many lead generation companies specialize in certain types of mailing lists. Decide if you prefer to specialize in an industry, geographic region or certain demographics households with incomes that exceed $100,000, for instance.In order to what kind of leads may be the most lucrative for you to provide, conduct some research to see what some of the most popular products or trends are, or what types of businesses tend to purchase a lot of lead lists.


Check on state and federal requirements. Some lead generation companies that service particular industries may be required to obtain a license to operate the business. According to Nationwide Licensing, a lead generator operating in the mortgage or real estate business may be required to obtain a mortgage or real estate license—either by the state, the federal government or both. You can contact the secretary of state for your state or the local chamber of commerce.Both can help assist you with the types of licensing you may need to abide by state and federal

Our Values:-

-Always treat clients with respect - just as we would like others to treat us. - Understand our clients' problems and provide them with a solution that suits their needs. - Not to use sales gimmicks even if it means losing importantprojects. Milind Mody started Get a Lead on September 9, 2003, with the above mission statement. However, over the years after executing more than 12000 search marketing projects, we are proud and honored to be short listed by B@B magazine for two consecutive years for their " Marketers Resource Guide" (years 2008 and 2009). Get a Lead is considered to be among the best Search Engine Optimization companies in the world (Source : Digit Magazine Nov 2005). As an industry leader with 8 years of experience, Get a Lead has the highest number of successful case studies and client testimonials when compared to any of its competitors